TRES Query: Staking Data API

Leverage the power of TRES’ Financial Data Lake, and get accurate, structured data for your daily staking commission and rewards.

Staking brings complexity to reporting on your Web3 financial operations:

  • Each staking protocol has a different methodology to measure performance.
  • The more protocols used, the more reporting becomes a huge task.
  • Gathering data, calculating performance and validating results is highly manual.
  • Understanding exact net generated reward revenue is a complex process.

Simplify your staking performance data.

Get accurate, structured data about your daily commission and rewards, across both your own and your client's staked assets.

Locked Assets: Delegators and validators can now easily access data on their locked assets, gaining transparency into the distribution and status of assets within the staking ecosystem.

Claimable Assets: TRES Query empowers users to track and manage claimable assets efficiently, streamlining the process of accessing rewards and optimizing overall financial strategy.

Generated Rewards: With real-time data on generated rewards, stakeholders can make informed decisions about their staking strategies and maximize their returns.

Daily APR: TRES Query offers a comprehensive view of the Daily Annual Percentage Rate (APR), enabling delegators and validators to stay informed about the performance of their staking activities.

Staking Ledger Breakdown: Users can now access a detailed breakdown of their staking ledger, facilitating a clear understanding of their financial position and performance over time.

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Build our staking reward data directly into your product, dashboard or reporting workflow

Leverage the power of TRES' Financial Data Lake, and create powerful staking reward performance reports for your clients.

Remove manual reporting work and completely automate your reporting workflows. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

See staking performance data at a glance.

Get an overview of your reward and commission data directly in the TRES FinOS platform.

Supporting 15+ staking networks, and counting...

  1. Collect, parse and enrich staking data across onchain-transactions and external vaults.
  2. Calculate & reconcilie generated rewards from claimed & accrued rewards
  3. Consolidate different protocols into a unified data-model - for easy development
  4. Get historical performance data across all staking activity
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