A single platform for
all of your Web3
financial operations

Get the full and accurate picture across 160+ supported networks and simplify your Web3 accounting, audit and reporting.

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Transform the way you manage your Web3 finances.

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Supporting 160+ networks.

Onboard any wallet, asset, custodian or exchange. Quickly create a single source of truth for your Web3 financial activity.

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Get useable insights.

Understand the exact context for any transaction or asset activity. Reduce 90% of manual spreadsheet work.

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Close your books, fast.

We’ve simplified the reconciliation process, enabling you to efficiently and easily close your organization’s books.

95% coverage isn’t enough.

  • Leverage the power of TRES Financial Data Lake, and get the full and accurate picture across all your Web3 financial activity.
  • Don’t settle for only 95% accuracy, get full coverage across all of your Web3 assets and financial activity.

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Get contextual, usable insights.

  • Understand the exact context behind every transaction across all of your wallets, exchange accounts and custody accounts.
  • Create custom label automation and rules to make sure your transactions are contextually marked before they even reach your ledger.

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Get fully reconciled, fast.

  • Instantly identify financial gaps across your Web3 transactions and reconcile your ledger with ease.
  • Drastically reduce your financial close cycle and close your books with ease.
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Bring Web3 to your existing financial tech stack.

  • Export your financial activity through our robust report system, or build custom reporting into your existing tech and data structures.
  • Our Financial Data Lake provides you with the complete context across your Web3 financial activity and enables you to totally automate your data collection and management processes.
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Simplify your compliance requirements.

  • Web3 innovates fast. Always stay ahead of the curve, with TRES’ comprehensive audit reporting and complete data history.
  • Manage all parts of your Web3 financial activity in the TRES platform and automatically sync to your favorite ERP tool.
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Bringing clarity to our customers & partners

Sean Soper Head of Financial Operations & Accounting at Alchemy

"Between our Corporate Treasury and Production (including Test) AA Toolkit, our digital asset tracking, indexing, and valuation used to take days. With TRES, we've reduced it to just a couple of hours."

Fabio Tomaschett VP Business Operations at SKALE Foundation

"TRES enables seamless and secure integration of on-chain transactions with our accounting tools, streamlining our internal processes."

David Schwed COO at Halborn

TRES has been our partner for over a year, and we couldn’t be happier. Their accounting platform and exceptional customer service have consistently enabled us to seamlessly close our crypto books each month.

Hen Gabriel Director of Finance at Starkware

"TRES has helped us completely overhaul our back-office financial operations. They gave us peace of mind, even on days of major events for our company. They developed a custom, automated export system for our local ERP, enhancing our operational efficiency significantly."

Nicholas Newman ACA CEO at Harris & Trotter Digital Assets

"The work that the TRES team is doing is ground breaking and we are delighted to partner alongside them."

Albert Poetzsch Customer Success Lead at Chorus One

"Working with TRES has been an outstanding experience. Their shipping speed, service quality, and network support are unparalleled. TRES services are essential to our business. We value our collaboration and highly commend their exceptional support."

Opher Kahane Ex VP/GM QuickBooks Commerce at Intuit

"The level of financial data that TRES provides is unparalleled. They were an obvious choice to partner with and enable their customers to export to QuickBooks with ease."

David Lemke Ex CFO at Giddy

"I’ve been using TRES for about a year now, and I have yet to have a single dropped transaction or syncing error with my ERP system. As a CPA I couldn't do my job without TRES."

Illia Kurinskii Head of Finance at cyber•Fund

"We use TRES for asset management and couldn’t be happier. The incredible list of supported blockchains and integrations makes it easy to handle our tasks. Close communication with the developers helps us quickly implement custom solutions. The product’s UX/UI is far superior to competitors."

Yair Lavi CFO at COTI Group

"TRES brings a lot of value to our business as it is a multi-crypto and DeFi tracker which saves us a lot of time and energy tracking and organizing all the crypto transactions for reporting and accounting purposes."

Joe David Founder and Global CEO at Myna

"TRES are able to offer a bespoke service to support our ever changing client needs and requirements. The team are super supportive and always on hand to help where needed!"

Idan Ofrat Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder at Fireblocks

"Not only did TRES cover every asset for our customer base, but they also have a super passionate and responsive team."

Navjit Pannu Financial Controller at Axelar

"With TRES, we could easily download reports on various networks and quickly get comprehensive reports on balances across wallets, and our internal accounts. It was an easy choice to work with TRES."

Likshen Chan Senior Accountant at cyber•Fund

"TRES simplifies complex transactions, enhances transparency, ensures compliance with evolving regulations, and integrates effortlessly with other financial tools (Xero). Truly a transformative solution for financial professionals and businesses navigating the crypto landscape."

Ari Litan Strategic Advisor at LayerZero Labs

"After trying literally every solution on the market, I'm extremely grateful we stumbled upon TRES. They are truly in another league, given the complexity of our on-chain business and infrastructure - no other solution that we found came close to solving our needs. Oh, and their customer support is also top notch, I don't think their team sleeps."

William Lindsay Head of Finance at Finoa

"TRES really helps to massively speed up our detective work to figure out what’s actually going on under the hood of our financial activity. Plus, the customer support is just really good. We’ve got a dedicated slack channel and the TRES team is super proactive. They’re always looking to help us out and try to get to a solution as quickly as possible, which is a big upside for us."

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