Accounting platform for digital assets

One of the best-kept secrets is about accountants. They were actually the first “data scientists” in the world! The basis of accounting is data, it is 80% of the work. The other 20% is managed per your geography, regulations and other creative professional knowledge and experience. Tres has built the most robust and comprehensive digital asset financial data lake. We are engineers with a passion for crypto and finance and we are here to solve the biggest financial data challenges for digital asset accounting.

Solve your accounting challenges with Tres

The modern Web3 transaction ledger

Tres automates the consolidation of your digital assets and financial activity across wallets and exchanges into a single source of truth, the Tres contextual ledger.No more trying to figure out what happened in each transaction, how to attribute the sub-transactions and jump between tabs, accounts and spreadsheets.Once you onboard to Tres, you will be able to scroll through all your activity like you are used to from your credit card website or your bank account. Moreover, you can export the ledger to different accounting software like Quickbooks and Netsuite or create reports using customized formats you upload ahead of time.Tres was built by engineers, data experts and accounting professionals. Our enterprise-grade blockchain & crypto accounting platform can handle millions of transactions per day.

Get full visibility into your digital assets

Tres is the only solution that provides a complete classification of any digital asset you have on your balance sheet:

Unlike any other platform out there, we have figured out how to analyze, attribute and value different DeFi positions and assets. Once we gathered all your digital assets and DeFi positions, Tres classifieds them and will automatically estimate the fiat value of each one of them by using a unique tree-based data structure.

Automate accounting practices

Reconcile your digital assets

Talking to finance teams we found two painful issues when conducting reporting for digital asset financial activity. The first is misinformation/ missing data and the second is trying to figure out what the hell happened in a transaction. Usually involving DeFi or NFTs. The pain is caused by a combination of time consumption and frustration. For example, missing trade data can cause missing cost basis errors, which impacts your capital gains calculations. Or, when DeFi or NFT transactions are not supported by a crypto tax calculator, they may not be recognized as taxable events, which can lead to you underreporting crypto gains.You are a finance person, accuracy is everything.

With our specialized functionality for reconciliation between trades, transfers, assets and positions, finance teams can now enjoy a trusted and aggregated view of their assets spread across multiple platforms, including crypto-wallets and exchanges.For each asset or wallet, Tres platform presents a checkmark once the reconciliation process had been completed.

Generate reports, be ready for audit

Once we validate your data, you can start generating reports automatically or on-demand.Tres has the largest pool of built-in reports, fully integrated with accounting software according to industry standards:

  1. Accounting reports - easily export your ledger for common accounting and audit vendors like EY Analyzer, TaxBit, ZenLedger, Quickbooks and more.
  2. Proof of fund reports - showing the origin of your financial resources both in fiat and crypto.
  3. DeFi positions - a snapshot of all your positions including liquidity pools, staking, yield farming, lending, and borrowing. Our reports analyze the positions and are able to break down and attribute positions per original deposit, appreciation/depreciation of the underlying assets, and rewards vs. impermanent loss.